Building Team Notes March 2, 2017

Irene Stewart, Beth Peterson, Suzette Reiss, Mark Sisson, Sherry Smith, Peter Young

Meeting called to order 7:05.

Minutes from the meeting of February 2, 2017 accepted as amended (“…discussion of number of steps and rise/run of ramps necessary. NYS Code requires a 1:20 pitch, i.e., for every 1” of rise, there must be 20” or run. This is the same for any unit of measurement.”)

Irene informed the Building Team that the contract between Peter Marren and the Church has been signed.

Irene informed the Building Team that the contract with Marshall Paetzel, Inc. (and their rep, Stacy Paetzel) has been signed.

There has been a delay in starting the site plan due to the absence of a “digital” version of the survey completed by Kenneth Woychuk, and its being made available to Marren and Paetzel. Mark would look through the BT notes to see if he could find an email address: Laurie Ullman, when she was a member of the Team, was the contact for Mr. Woychuk. (Note: Irene informed Mark subsequently that Peter Marren would pursue this and that Mark would no longer be required to.)

A discussion was held of Irene’s note to the Board of Trustees clarifying the BT (and by extension, the Board of Trustees) position with regards to Peter Marren’s contract, and delays in completing this phase of the building process. Irene noted that Mr. Marren has worked in good faith with the Church and the BT, and that costs enumerated in his contract are within our budget, as well as noting that there are often unforeseen and unavoidable events that can lead to delays.

A discussion was held concerning the contract with New England Barns and Fine Homebuilding. It was determined that this will be a matter for Bill Moore, the Church’s attorney, and Bill Gorman to resolve, but the BT would make its concerns known to the Board.

A discussion was held about the Congregation Dinner to be held March 10. Mr. Marren will attend. It was decided that Mark will moderate the question and answer period of the evening, but that Mr. Marren, and his design, will be more likely the subject of questioning.

The next BT meeting will be Tuesday, March 7 at 7:00pm.

Meeting adjouned at 8:25.

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