Gardening by the Sea

Gardening by the Sea – November 2016

I hope you are enjoying the fall colors.  Soon the trees will be bare! Yesterday I picked my last long-stemmed rose of this summer season.  It is a pink Queen Elizabeth climbing bush.  I still have Cape Cod roses blooming and some Fairy roses, but they are not very good for cutting. I have noticed … Continued

Gardening by the Sea – October 2016

Auf wiedersehen Summer  — Bienvenido  Autumn !!! If you are anything like me, you are thinking about bringing that beautiful geranium indoors before it freezes.  When the night time temperatures get down to 50, it is time to bring it in and sit it in the brightest place in your house.  Even the brightest window … Continued

Gardening by the Sea – June

by Ceil Loucka Summer is almost here! I have a strong feeling it will be a dry summer. It is already below average on rainfall. For any newly planted bush or shrub, they need at least one inch of water each week for the first two years. Now is the time to mulch to keep … Continued

Gardening by the Sea – May

Happy Earth Day and Happy Passover. To celebrate Earth Day, you can plant something green – anything will help absorb CO2. I heard on NPR this morning that Suffolk County has the highest air pollution in New York State – not good! To celebrate Passover, you can plant some parsley in a pot on your … Continued

Gardening by the Sea – April 2016

by Ceil Loucka   Happy Spring! Isn’t it nice to see some color outside! It is time to feed your flowering bushes. The best food to use is phosphate. It can be found at Southold Agway as well as garden centers to the west. Phosphate promotes blooming, and after blooming, new buds for next spring. … Continued