The Board of Trustees

The board meets monthly, typically on the third Tuesday of the month in the parsonage.

President – Cecilia Loucka

Vice President – Cheryl Schneider

Secretary – Randy Wade

Treasurer – Susan Pond

Trustee at Large – Ed Booth

Trustee at Large – Ginny Cornell

Trustee at Large – Mary James

Trustee at Large – Brian McManus

Moderator – Jack Speyer

Receiver – Donya Van Buren




Buildings and Grounds – Ed Booth

Denominational Affairs – Julie Alexander

Finance – Susan Pond

Flowers – Cecilia Loucka, Gale & Julie Alexander

Free Spirit Newsletter – Susan Pond

Gifts and Remembrances – Irene Stewart

Hospitality – Cecilia Loucka, Gale & Julie Alexander

Membership and Outreach – Laurie Ullmann & Beth Peterson

Worship and Music – Ginny Cornell & Susi Young

Religious Exploration – Beth Peterson

Social Action – Margaret de Cruz & Alan Stewart