Spiritual Explorations

Thoughts on Grace

“Grace” is amazing!  Those possessed of it seem to me to move through life smoothly, not fearful or worrying, taking things as they come, spinning threads of love wherever they go.  They believe that life is good and have expectations in accord with that belief. I love the word, and the spiritual idea of “grace.” … Continued

Spiritual Exploration: “Temperate Rain Forest Cathedral”

by Joe Mc Kay, September 2016, written along hiking trails near Lake Quinault, Olympic National Park, Washington   I raise my eyes To soaring cedars And Sitka spruce, Their tips piercing blue blue sky   And bow my head To ferns galore and Impossible mosses Mingled in beds of green green shamrocks*   Fallen giants … Continued

Thoughts on Spirit

by Joe McKay Around New Year’s, the New York Times published an Op art cartoon that illustrated things that would burden us in 2016. One of them was “the need to have strong opinions” about so many things. It seemed funny at first, but I notice that I am feeling the effect of having to … Continued

Thoughts on Spirit

by Joe McKay “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.” Albert Einstein These words, when I first read them years ago, startled me. Hadn’t I been certain for all of my adult life that Physics and “God” could not co-habitate my thinking? How could I reconcile Einstein’s very clear assertion that a “spiritual being” operates … Continued

Thoughts on Spirit

by Joe McKay   Here’s a spirit-exercise for us to work on. Using a pencil (important), draw two boxes … one on the left side of a piece of lined 8.5×11 paper, and one on the right; each box 2-3 inches wide and the length of the page. Label the left box “bad stuff” (things … Continued