We are pleased to announce that we have returned to in-person services.  Social distancing will be observed, and we do ask that everyone continue to wear a mask.  Thank you for your cooperation.

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday morning!

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                 Love is the Spirit of this church.


Cookie Swap, Dec. 18th,

noon- 2pm

Virtual Mitten Tree

Nov. 30th – Dec. 18th



Welcome to our three newest members —

Susan Johnson

Virginia Cava

Charlie Lehner —
who signed the membership book at a special celebration on June 12th.




Upcoming Service

Eleanor Roosevelt and the Struggle for Human Rights

One of Eleanor Roosevelt’s most remarkable accomplishments was shepherding into existence the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  Seventy-four years later, what is the human rights situation in the world? And what can we, concerned members of the human community, do to preserve and protect human … read more.