During the year, our minister offers several classes and book studies for adults.


Fall of 2018  Spirit in Practice

This class will explore various types of spiritual practices, and includes practical work, discussion and reading. Each workshop can be taken as a “stand alone” workshop, or you can take the series!

 Please RSVP to firstuminister@optimum.net for more info or be on the mailing list.

Dates                                                    Topic

September 20                                    Introduction to Spiritual Practice             

October 4                                           Prayer and Meditation- Personal Practice

October 18                                         Communal Worship and Practice

Nov. 1                                                 Spiritual Partners and Guides   

Nov. 15th                                                            Mind Practices/The Intellect

Nov. 29th                                                            Body Practices

December 13th                                              Soul and Play Practices                                                

December 27th                                   Life Practices- Integration