During the year, our minister offers several classes and book studies for adults.

2016 – 2017:

Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life

Following Karen Armstrong’s book of the same name, which uses the wisdom of all the world’s religions, this course examines ways in which we can be more intentionally compassionate. The class meets on select Saturdays at 9:30am at The Corner Cafe. Our schedule is as follows:

November 7         First Step: Learn About Compassion

November 21       Second Step: Look at Your Own World

December 5         Third Step:  Compassion for Yourself

December 19       Fourth Step:  Empathy

January 9             Fifth Step:  Mindfulness

January 23           Sixth Step:  Action

February 6           Seventh Step:  How Little We Know

February 20         Eighth Step:  How Should We Speak to One Another?

March 5               Ninth Step:  Concern for Everybody

March 19             Tenth Step:  Knowledge

April 2                  Eleventh Step:  Recognition

April 16               Twelfth Step:  Love Your Enemies

The class will culminate with a worship service on May 1.