Building Team Notes April 20, 2017

Irene Stewart, Peter Young, Suzette Reiss, Sherry Smith, Mark Sisson, Beth Peterson, Peter Marren

Meeting called to order 7:05.

Minutes accepted.

Peter Marren reported on the executive session meeting held with the Board of Trustees April 19.

-They reviewed the site plan the Building Team, Stacey Paetzal and Mr. Marren discussed previously.

-Mr. Marren reported the Board was enthusiastic about the preliminary sketches they saw.

-At this time, though the Board is in agreement with the BT’s recommendation, no one has formally discussed with Bill Gorman our decision to not go forward with New England Barns and Fine Homebuilding.

-The Board offered Mr. Marren several options for builders. He said he would reach out to them, or others as offered.


Mr. Marren defined the differences between a “General Contractor” and a “Construction Manager,” including, but not limited to:

-A general contractor bids on projects with a “lump sum” estimate, which can lead to issues near the end of a contract, i.e., monies could run out before job is complete.

-Generally, a GC would administer all phases of a project, hiring sub contractors, assessing bids, etc. with minimal input from owner.

-A construction manager will assemble bids for the owner and makes recommendations on those bids, but the final decision would be from the owner.

-Generally, a CM would be an “open book” and all facets of the project would be available for perusal.

Mr. Marren and the BT then examined further preliminary sketches and concepts for our project, as well as a simple model Mr. Marren constructed. The BT offered opinions and questions about layout.

Mr. Marren requested some members of the BT accompany him when next he is a guest of the Board. At such time, the plans and models will be more refined, but still not “construction drawings.”

Mr. Marren stated that we should contact a Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) engineer to get a rough estimate of costs for heating and cooling the spaces involved in our project. HVAC can be a very expensive part of a project and it would be good to have an idea of that cost. Having those costs at hand will also inform the scope of our project.

The BT will be collating a “room book,” to facilitate decisions. This would consist of all uses of each room in the sanctuary and fellowship hall, and would include finishes, fixtures, etc.

Mr. Marren stated we are approaching the time in our project when he would meet with the Planning and Building Departments of Southold. At that time, he would have more complete elevations and floor plans  (though still not construction documents) and that the Departments would indicate whether we should pursue the ideas contained therein.

Our next meeting will be April 27.

Meeting adjourned at 9:35.


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