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Due to the pandemic, we will be doing another of our annual traditions in “virtual mode” — our mitten tree.

During the holiday season, we traditionally set up a tree in the hall and invite folks to contribute mittens, gloves, hats or scarves to be hung on the tree.  In the week before Christmas, all of the items on the tree are delivered to CAST.

This year, your donation can have double the impact!  We have a nice selection of hats, gloves and scarves that you may purchase for the tree.  Your cash donation will go to the church, and the items you purchase will go to CAST.  What a great way to support the church and CAST, together!

If you would like to purchase some of our winter accessories for CAST, you may do so online by going to the Donate->Online page, where there is information on how to donate to the church, or you can click on the Donate button below to make an easy, secure, online transaction:  




Please be sure to note “Mitten Tree” on your check or PayPal donation.  We will select items from the inventory and put them “on” the tree for you.  

Some of the items available for purchase…  


      Super hero knit hats — $5 each





Scarves — $5 each







      Scarves — $5 each

     Knit Gloves — $2 each  





Thinsulate Gloves – $5 each









You may also purchase items at your favorite store and drop them off in the drop box at the parsonage, or deliver them to CAST yourself, if you prefer.  


We appreciate your support

in continuing this holiday tradition of giving.

Thank you!