May 2018

Happy Spring – finally!  I am writing this column on Earth Day.  The theme of this Earth Day is “End Plastic Pollution!”  It is the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day.  We celebrated at our church service this morning with story and song.  I brought in seeds from my gardens and gave them to whomever had garden space and wanted to plant some.

It is not too late to prune roses.  They could all use some high phosphorus food for their roots.  Also, daffodils and other spring blooming bulbs could use some of the same kind of fertilizer.  Do not cut their leaves until they turn brown on their own.  The leaves are busy feeding the bulbs.

Drip irrigation is the healthiest way to water your beds.  Water on the leaves can lead to fungus.  Snake the perforated hose around the plants you want to water.  Morning is the best time to water as it lets the water get down to the roots where it is needed before the sun dries it up.

If there is moss on your lawn, it needs lime.  Consider starting a compost pile.  It should decompose by next spring and it is considered “black gold.”

Houseplants can now be moved outdoors.  Put them in the shade until they get acclimated. The last frost date for our area is April 15th.

Being outdoors feeds the soul even if you no longer can garden.  Find a sunny spot out of the wind with a comfortable chair and soak up that sun!

Until next month, happy plants make happy gardeners!

Stay well.