We currently hold one multi-age class for children grades 1-7; older children attend the youth group, and younger children are cared for by a nursery worker.

2017-18 – Building Community

This year we will be trying to build ties within our community, and do so through games.

At least twice a month, we will be inviting a congregation member (or friend) of First Universalist to meet with the children and have a chat while playing their favorite board game (or a board game will be provided).  These “chats” can be about how the member/friend came to be a UU, or some part of religious history that really interests them, or some of the ways that they contribute to the community.

We will also be learning about board games from other cultures, and try our hand at making our own.  Part of this is to have fun, but on a more serious note we will be exploring what sort of games would best serve our RE space, and what we should have in our future RE space.  (It should also give us ideas for our basket for the annual LIAC fundraiser.)