Gardening by the Sea – October 2017

Hope all of you are enjoying the last of the summer flowers.  My fall asters are in full bloom – taller than ever from all the CO2 in the air.  My Korean mums are full of buds.  I have pink, rust and yellow.  My rose hedge is giving its last burst of bloom.

I cut three big bouquets of blue hydrangeas and hope they will hold their color for the winter.  Flowers for the church service are always a challenge in winter.  I also grew some strawflowers which I have cut and they too are drying.  It will take extra precaution to get them to church undamaged as they will be so brittle by then.

Don’t expect the “hardy” mums on sale now to come back next year.  A few might but I have had no luck with them re-blooming.

Try to get outside and enjoy the cooler weather, even if only to sit and breathe.   In the winter of our lives, we need sunshine and beautiful vistas of which we have so many.

Stay well.