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Thoughts on Spirit – May 2018

The “Otherness” Quandary

A recent article in The NYT, “Wired to Be Besties,” revealed scientific evidence that we are by nature inclined to befriend people who are most like us.  The more “otherness” we sense, the less likely we are to become close.  If you think … read more.

Thoughts on Spirit – April 2018

Our Acorn-ness

I collected acorns from an early age.  The adage, “Mighty oaks from tiny acorns grow!” spurred my boyhood imagination.  I mused on the little nut’s pregnant potential, on the idea that everything it could ever become was contained in this little shell in the … read more.

Thoughts on Spirit – March 2018


In January’s column on “Respect,” I concluded that having respect for others cannot be legislated or mandated, but rather requires cultivation from within.

… not an easy task!  And, to the extent we were not shown how by our parents and teachers in our formative … read more.

Thoughts on Spirit – January 2018


A 65-year-old comedienne from Brooklyn recently riffed on “sexual harassment,” “When I was a girl just starting out, we called it ‘going to work.’”  The audience roared.  It’s a quip chock-full of the history of gender relations, which gives us all much to consider.

We … read more.

Thoughts on Spirit – December 2017

Grouchy About Gratitude

It’s the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  I woke up this morning realizing that I’ve been feeling kinda grouchy… at least since Thursday.  I wanna blame it on the turkey, which was even a little drier than usual, despite having been cooked by Whole Foods … read more.

Thoughts on Spirit – November 2017

A Positive Perspective Helps

Maintaining a positive perspective on current national and world events is difficult at best.  There is much to concern us.  But it seems important to me to strive to develop a healthy, positive perspective in the face of our concerns.  A gloomy, … read more.

Thoughts on Grace

“Grace” is amazing!  Those possessed of it seem to me to move through life smoothly, not fearful or worrying, taking things as they come, spinning threads of love wherever they go.  They believe that life is good and have expectations in accord with that belief.

I … read more.