January 2023

Very encouraging meeting Monday afternoon, December 19, with the Southold Planning Board. Scott Edgett of North Fork Woodworking was able to attend, and afterwards, Brian Davis, Ray Calamari and I had a chance to get to know him better; I think he will be a great fit for our project!

Moments before the meeting started, Pat Moore “delivered” the approvals from the Suffolk County Health Department for the septic systems and, as stated previously, DOT approvals were pending our entering into a contract with North Fork Woodworking (a bonding issue). Now that we have a contractor, we can use their bond for those approvals. Finally, the Planning Board needs to look over the site lighting plot; with the reduced scale of the project, the total lumens (amount of light present on the site) will be less and should get approvals without difficulty. It was also noted by the Planning Board that the Historic Preservation Commission and Architectural Review Board have approved our plans.

This is to say, Ray, Brian and Scott are confident we will receive approvals, pending a Planning Board private session review of the items above. So we can then make applications to the Building Department for our building permit. (The BD will ascertain if plans are up to code.)