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October 2022

The BT, with our architect and owner’s rep, met with a joint session of the Southold Town Historic Preservation Commission and Architectural Review Board on Thursday, September 22, to present plans incorporating suggestions from those bodies. The new plans include a “straight” garden wall, with … read more.

September 2022

The Building Team (BT) convened August 8, with Ray Calamari and Brian Davis (Beth Peterson was unable to attend). The purpose of this meeting was to inform the BT of status of our project and to meet with local builders for their input.

Brian and Ray … read more.

August 2022

Raymond Calamari and Brian Davis met with the Southold Architectural Review Board early in July. Unfortunately, members of the ARB had misgivings about the latest design. Mr. Calamari and Mr. Davis will be working with the ARB and the Building Team to address those concerns. … read more.

July 2022

Members of the congregation and Rev. Valerie met after services to discuss the latest news from the Building Team and our project. The meeting was led by Mark Sisson in the absence of Ray Calamari and Brian Davis, who were unable to attend.

Mark noted that … read more.

June 2022

The Building Team continues to meet with Ray Calamari and Brian Davis. Landscape, septic system and lighting plots have been submitted to the town agencies, and Mr. Calamari is confident things will progress as smoothly as possible. He did inform the BT there is a … read more.

May 2022

By the end of April, more submissions were made to appropriate town, county and state entities.  The Building Team received an outline of what’s been done and what we still need to accomplish, including, but not limited to, exterior surfaces, roofing options, interior colors, flooring, … read more.

April 2022

Architect Ray Calamari reports the following progress:

Changes have been made to the drawings as per the last Building Team meeting at Burger Construction. The utility basement has been added, and the additional path as per the team’s recommendation.

Our design team of architect Ray Calamari and … read more.

March 2022

The Building Team held a Question and Answer session January 30 with our architect, Raymond Calamari, and our owner’s representative, Brian Davis, after the Sunday service. There were several well-thought-out suggestions made from the congregation. (A video of the session has been loaded onto the … read more.

Minister’s Corner

I will be on study leave and vacation for the month of June, not appearing in the Southold pulpit but not disappearing all together from my activities!  You will receive notices from me about pastoral care coverage.

One of the things I will … read more.