Rev. Dr. Linda Anderson

The Myth of Motherhood

On the second Sunday of May we have set aside a day to honor motherhood.  But do we honor it really? Or have we built myths around what it means to be a mother and then inflict them on one another?

We All Come From Afar

Like the shepherds, the Magi, and Mary and Joseph themselves, we are all on a journey to find and give birth to love and peace. *We invite everyone to join our friends from the North Fork UU Fellowship, at the Jamesport Meeting House in Jamesport, for a morning service on Christmas Eve day.  Rev. Linda … Continued

Less Is More

Linda Anderson returns to offer some wise words and loving insight on simplicity.

Christmas in Story and Song

Join us for a celebration of Christmas Eve, complete with readings, stories, and music – 5pm, at the Jamesport Meeting House.  

Tennis Lessons

Linda Anderson returns to share a message of hope and encouragement.

Fear: Friend? Foe?

Rev. Linda Anderson returns to share some thoughts on fear.