November 2020

We’re getting closer and closer…to groundbreaking (early in 2021).

The latest update from Burger Construction and Stacy Paetzel explains the delay:

Once we have the SCDHS (Suffolk County Dept. of Health Services) revised septic system variance and the NYSDOT (New York State Dept. of Transportation) curb cut variance, we will re-submit the plans to the Town Planning Board.  The town will need both before they will issue our permit.  The delay was caused by us needing variances and getting on the Town Planning Board schedule.  (And 7 weeks that the Town Building Dept. was closed due to the COVID shut-down.)

We hope to have the subcontractors’ proposals (from Burger) shortly.

Things seem to be moving along (might I dare say,) quickly, now.

Irene Stewart, Building Team Chair