June 2020

It is rumored that the Town of Southold offices/Building Department will reopen on June 15th.  (We do not know when our turn will come, after that?)  But, as I wrote in the Building Team Annual Meeting Report, if all goes as planned (and all the needed documents/reports are completed, priced, reviewed by our church Board, and submitted), we will be ready to begin construction.  We are very close, now!

Also, in my report, I posted a few (exterior and interior) computer drawings of the church.  A display of the drawings will be set up in the church office and if interested, you can make an appointment, with Nancy, to see them.  I will let you know when it is ready.

Imagine that… in just a little over a year (May 2021) we will be opening the doors… of our beautiful new church!  

And I really mean IMAGINE THAT  because thoughts become things!  The thoughts we IMAGE  and  focus  on… we attract to ourselves.  

Let’s see it happening!  Let’s see us…

welcoming members and friends…

holding church services…(in our new church)

enjoying concerts, art shows/sales, lectures, exercise classes, dinners,

dances and theater… 

teaching RE and adult ed classes…

And everything else we do so well.

Let us make our 186th church year a wonderfully happy and prosperous year! 

Irene Stewart, Building Team Chair