Building Team Notes January 19, 2017


Irene Stewart, Sherry Smith, Peter Young, Mark Sisson, Suzette Reiss, Beth Peterson

Attending: Peter Marren

Meeting called to order at 7:07.

Minutes of January 12 accepted as amended (incorrect date)

Peter Marren, our architect, updated the Building Team on several points.

-The contract between himself and the Church was with Bill Moore, the church’s attorney, for finalization.

-Mr. Marren stated the contract with New England Barns and Fine Homebuilding had been delayed by outside circumstances. He further noted that “…there was still time” for finalization of that contract, as the construction phase of our project is one of the last items to be addressed. He also reiterated his desire for provisions for his oversight of the construction to be included in that contract.

-Mr. Marren explained the responsibilities he will have during the construction phase of the contract, including the initializing of purchases (making sure items specified, or their equivalent, are included), etc.

-Mr. Marren stated he had been receiving contradictory information from members of the Board of Trustees re: insurance monies. He further noted that Bill Moore agreed with him, and the Building Team, that there should be a signed statement from the insurance carrier laying out monies that can be expected in the Church’s settlement.

-Mr. Marren explained, in broad terms, the stages of our project:

~Pre-construction; preliminary drawings, permitting, estimation, cost analysis based on suggested                              furnishings and equipment, adjustment of plans to fit budget, etc. (Note: it is at the end of this phase that                  Mr. Marren suggested the Church begin fund raising, with a concrete goal, and/or a possible budgetary                    shortfall, identified.)

`This is the “schematic design phase.”

`At this point in the project, nothing is “off the table.”

`There will be models, drawings, etc. available for viewing and comment.

`This is when the BT, and the Church, will make final decisions about materials, finish and details.

`This is when “construction documents” will be generated to receive final approvals from regulatory bodies,                 i.e., Southold Town Planning, etc.

~Construction: shop drawings, final cost establishment prior to commencement, engaging sub-contractors,                establishment of a “lien waiver” protocol, i.e., having subs affirm they have been paid for previous work                    before payment for current work, etc.

-Mr. Marren reported that he has asked Bill Gorman for a cost projection to move the rental property forward or backward on its site. Mr. Marren gave a very tentative estimate of between $60K and $80K to do so up to code. He also queried the BT about plans for the Parsonage, and the two outbuildings on site. The BT replied that this is more likely the purview of the Board, but agreed with Mr. Marren that having a garage for our minister is to be desired.

Mr. Marren and the BT then addressed the “10 Page Draft Outline” that had been distributed to the BT. We used this time to clarify items contained therein for Mr. Marren and vice versa. He will use these discussions to establish spaces within the footprint of our buildings, as noted above in the “Pre-Construction Phase” of our project.

Mr. Marren said that he would not need to meet with the BT until a) his contract is executed, and b) he had some preliminary sketches, etc. The BT thanked him for all his hard work to this point and expressed our appreciation of his effort. (Note: At the beginning of our discussion of the “10 Page Outline,” Mr. Marren noted he had read the “7 Principles” and will be using them to inform his design.)


Meeting adjourned at 9:30









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