Building Team Notes April 27, 2017

Irene Stewart, Beth Peterson, Mark Sisson, Sherry Smith, Peter Marren. Excused: Peter Young, Suzette Reiss

Meeting called to order at 7:10

Minutes accepted

Peter Marren reported that the Board of Trustees had given him the names of three builders: Eugene Burger, Joe Spitaliere, and Herbert Israel. He has spoken with all three and reported all three could be a good fit. The Building Team decided to meet with them at a time that Peter could arrange. He also stated that now is the time in our project where speaking with “MEP” (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) contractors will begin to help firm up cost estimates.

Mr. Marren presented “refinements” to the plans discussed April 20. He reiterated that these are still works in progress, and that they do not indicate the final form of our project. We are still in the “design development” phase of our process. Members of the Team present discussed the pros and cons of these refinements. Mr. Marren noted that his work is approaching a form that can be presented to the various Southold Town agencies.

(Note: there have been a number of plans “submitted” by Mr. Marren and Stacy Paetzel. Each has its own merits and problems. The Building Team, acting in good faith as representatives of the 1st Universalist Church of Southold, is incorporating the ideas, dreams and hopes of the congregation into the evolving plans discussed. However, in the interest of streamlining the process, each plan, and the discussion that follows, will not presented fully here. The Building Team, Mr. Marren and Ms. Paetzel are preparing presentations for the Board, and the congregation, to be given at a later date.)

A discussion followed about the tenants of the Blue House and their interaction with building process. The Team will ask that the Board review the terms of the lease to see what action could be taken to ensure the safety of the tenants, and the smooth operation of the building process.

Mr. Marren reported that representatives of the bench building firm he has been in contact with are in the USA and might be available for a meeting.

Irene cautioned the Building Team, again, to keep discussions, plans and decisions of the BT private until such time as they are distributed to the congregation in general. This will go a long way avoiding conflicts in the future.

Meeting adjourned 9:35

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