Building Team Notes 2-16-2016



Donya VanBuren (Chair), Bill Funke, Suzette Reiss, Laurie Ullman, Peter Young, Mark Sisson, Sherry Smith, Irene Stewart.

Not in attendance: Aiyoung Choi, Kimberley Debus, Dan Durett


Donya called the meeting to order at 7:10.

Bill read a few passages related to the phoenix and its rising from the ashes.

The notes from the meeting of 2/10/16 were read and informally accepted.

Xavier Amador was in attendance and made a presentation of a design competition. We will keep a copy of the presentation in the records. Some highlights;

  • The publicity that would attend a contest could prove invaluable in spreading the word of the First Universalist Church.
  • Xavier has a great deal of experience with “press junkets” and volunteered to assist the Team in any way necessary.
  • Xavier included a packet from, which had a sample and a timeline for a contest.
  • Xavier has purchased a domain name ( and will donate same to the Team or the Church where appropriate and/or needed.


Questions from the Team included:


-Where will the architects fees fall? (In the execution of the contract to build.)

-Who will be the judges? (Members of the Team can choose; there are many options.)

-What sort of design can we use? (The Team, with input from congregation and/or the town, can describe the design how we see fit.)

We also determined that, in the case of a competition, the Team would be responsible for culling the designs to the select few submitted to the judging panel.


After thanking Xavier for his time and effort and he had left, the Team chose NOT to decide whether to initiate a competition until there was a full team. However, the Team was in general agreement that it is worth serious consideration.

A discussion of the meeting of the February 12 Communication Committee (Kimberly Debus, Aiyoung Choi, Bill Funke, Mark Sisson) followed. The Committee decided that a response to all emails is necessary and crafted the following; “”Thanks for sharing your ideas! The Building Team is glad to have your input as we develop the plans for the future First Universalist Church building.” This can be adjusted and personalized as needed. Bill is working on a MailChimp account and debugging the DropBox account as part of his responsibilities with the Committee.

The Team asked Bill to remind the Board of Trustees to appoint a liaison to the Team. Peter is our contact.

The Team briefly discussed Don McKinney’s design. It will be added to our list of ideas. This engendered a general design discussion.

Donya brought up the idea of a permanent chair for the Team. It was tabled until the whole Team was present.

Irene was chosen to be the Team representative for the service of February 21. She will present to the congregation a mailing which will have a photo of the church, a plat map, a blank sheet, and a footprint plan of the church. Members who are not at the service will be mailed the packet.

Our next meeting will be held at Peter and Susi Young’s house, Wednesday, March 2 at 7:00. Peter will be the chair. Mark will continue as recording secretary.

The Team decided to end our meetings with something positive from each member to reaffirm our commitment to our charge and to each other.

Donya adjourned the meeting at 9:15.




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