Nature and the Earth

Earth Teach Us Resurrection: Multigenerational Celebration – Sermon Text

(Section about Mount Saint Helens was written by Rev. Linda Hoddy, abridged by Pastor Kimberley) Easter may one of the most difficult holy days in all of the world’s religions for Unitarian Universalists. It begs us to set aside our propensity for reason and fact, our disbelief in the supernatural, our suspicion of anything called … Continued

For the Beauty of the Earth – Sermon Text

The year was 1970. Richard Nixon was in the White House, Simon and Garfunkel was on the radio, Archie Bunker was on the television, and I was in kindergarten… but let’s not fixate on that, shall we? The United States was embroiled – fighting over a controversial war, grappling with the effects of various human … Continued

Welcome Spring!

We will gather on the grounds of the church for a short ritual to welcome spring and offer our gratitude for the earth and the renewal of the year.