The Art of Meaning – Sermon Text

I want to begin by sharing some stories. About six years ago, two young adults, Alie and Emma, traveled from our home congregation in upstate New York to Central America on a mission trip to a poor community in San Salvador. They were excited to get their hands dirty, doing some serious work in the … Continued

The Joy of Protest – Text

Introduction                                                                                                             What the heck is going on here? Why are we sitting at tables? Why are there pencils and markers and sheets of poster board? And what’s with all the color? Today is a day of pulling some threads together – threads that seem unrelated. Yes, I’m about to connect a spring festival, some historical … Continued

What’s Next? Sermon Text and Readings

A Time for All Ages “The Emperor’s New Clothes” by Hans Christian Andersen Reading “What to Tell the Children” by Rachel Kahn Sermon The title of this service, “What’s Next,” is, not surprising to anyone who’s been listening to me, a reference from the tv series The West Wing. “What’s next” is often said by … Continued

Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life – Reading

The following responsive reading was shared in the service; the remaining texts were largely stories and tales from the world’s religions. For more information about the book the service was based on, check it out here: Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life by Karen Armstrong. The demands of compassion are daunting – how do we … Continued

For the Beauty of the Earth – Sermon Text

The year was 1970. Richard Nixon was in the White House, Simon and Garfunkel was on the radio, Archie Bunker was on the television, and I was in kindergarten… but let’s not fixate on that, shall we? The United States was embroiled – fighting over a controversial war, grappling with the effects of various human … Continued

Before Obama and After Flint

The second of a two part series reflecting on Black History Month, which will use a multi-media format to explore significant themes in African-American life, thought, and history.

Share the Love – Sermon Text

Love is a way of life. It should be how we make our way in the world. And truth be told, we should be preaching love EVERY Sunday. I think at our best, those who are fortunate enough to fill Unitarian Universalist pulpits each week are preaching love every Sunday. But sometimes we need to … Continued