Holiday Celebration

The Joy of Protest – Text

Introduction                                                                                                             What the heck is going on here? Why are we sitting at tables? Why are there pencils and markers and sheets of poster board? And what’s with all the color? Today is a day of pulling some threads together – threads that seem unrelated. Yes, I’m about to connect a spring festival, some historical … Continued

The New Year

Bring a favorite reading, poem or song to share, and join us in remembering the year that has past and sharing our dreams for the year ahead.  

Christmas in Story and Song

Join us for a celebration of Christmas Eve, complete with readings, stories, and music – 5pm, at the Jamesport Meeting House.  

The Mitten Tree – Homily Text

Reading  “The Mitten Tree” by Candace Christiansen   Homily In our story, it was a small kindness that made a huge difference. And that seems strange – counterintuitive, in fact. There’s so much big stuff we’re facing – the world seems to have lost its collective mind and there was already so much work to … Continued

Where the Rich People Sit – Homily

Our story (The Table Where Rich People Sit by Byrd Baylor) reflects the kind of gratitude we all wish for – not just to be grateful in a resigned way but to be grateful in a proud way. The family in our story doesn’t have a lot of material goods, but they are rich in … Continued

The Days of Awe

Jews around the world celebrate the time between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur as “The Days of Awe” – a time of forgiveness, reconciliation, and preparation for the new year. Together, we will celebrate our own version of this special time in a multigenerational service created by the UUs for Jewish Awareness.  

In Memory – Sermon Text

Sermon One of my co-ministers at the Church of the Larger Fellowship, Bob LaVallee, is a veteran who served in Afghanistan and is now a candidate for ministry. As we met this week to finalize the elements of CLF’s service for Memorial Day, he told us “in the Army, we call it Barbecue Day.” At … Continued

Blossoming – Homily Text and Intro to Flower Communion

Homily: I will be honest with you – I really don’t like Mother’s Day. I used to go through a raft of reasons why – I’m not a mother, my mother has died. I hate how a day calling for an end to war has become a day reminding us to call our mothers and … Continued

For the Beauty of the Earth – Sermon Text

The year was 1970. Richard Nixon was in the White House, Simon and Garfunkel was on the radio, Archie Bunker was on the television, and I was in kindergarten… but let’s not fixate on that, shall we? The United States was embroiled – fighting over a controversial war, grappling with the effects of various human … Continued