Choose Your Own Adventure – Sermon Text

So – here we are. My last sermon with you. And we’re both setting off on new adventures. Now it may not seem like that to you – after all, this isn’t necessarily an adventure of your own choosing – but here’s something important that I have learned: when something happens, you have a choice: … Continued

Simply Pray – Sermon Text

Let us pray. Now… some of you instantly bowed your head a bit, maybe you closed your eyes. Perhaps you took in a deep breath as you waited to hear how I started the prayer and to whom I addressed it. Others of you did that, but you also groaned a little inside, because you … Continued

Less Is More

Linda Anderson returns to offer some wise words and loving insight on simplicity.

With These Hands of Mine – Sermon Text

This sermon was delivered at a Maundy Thursday service, held at Clinton Memorial AME Zion Church in Greenport, NY, on Thursday, April 13, 2017.   Sometimes the gentle moments are the most striking. There’s a lot to grab our attention this week: the crowds at the gates of Jerusalem… the anger of the Pharisees… the … Continued

Where the Rich People Sit – Homily

Our story (The Table Where Rich People Sit by Byrd Baylor) reflects the kind of gratitude we all wish for – not just to be grateful in a resigned way but to be grateful in a proud way. The family in our story doesn’t have a lot of material goods, but they are rich in … Continued

From Our Youth

Our Youth Group will share some special thoughts, and we will give special recognition to our teens, RE teachers and advisors.  

Blossoming – Homily Text and Intro to Flower Communion

Homily: I will be honest with you – I really don’t like Mother’s Day. I used to go through a raft of reasons why – I’m not a mother, my mother has died. I hate how a day calling for an end to war has become a day reminding us to call our mothers and … Continued

What Is Remembered, Lives – Sermon Text

One of the English language’s most famous poems about loss is “Remember” by Christina Rosetti; the sonnet’s final couplet reads Better by far you should forget and smile Than that you should remember and be sad. I for one would rather forget that my father died suddenly at age 60 and remember that try as … Continued