Speaker: Rev. Valerie Freseman

The Constant

Unitarian Universalism has always prioritized the “free and responsible search” for truth and meaning.  Yet, with so many beliefs present amongst us, what can we say is our bedrock, our “constant”?

A Moral Agenda

What is our moral agenda as Unitarian Universalists?  Where do we feel our conscience leading when we consider our local community and the needs of the world?  We will look back at the history of the Poor People’s Campaign to think about how we might … read more.

There’s Something About Rumi

The mystical tradition of Islam has made its way into Western consciousness through the work of Sufi poets like Rumi.  What about the Sufi mystical tradition resonates with aspects of Unitarian Universalism?  What lessons do we take from this mystical path?

And now, for a few announcements…

The catalyst of any story, scientific breakthrough, or change in society often lies in the hands of a messenger — for better or worse.  This service is in honor of messengers and those who often bear the brunt of a journey towards change.