November 2019

The Board did not hire a Construction Manager, so our architect Peter Marren has taken on much of the work of connecting the necessary people: Condon (Civil/Structural), Burger (Builder), Kolb (Mechanical), Paetzel (Landscape Designer), etc.

Geothermal was a suggestion from our builder, Eugene Burger. Burger and Kolb are working on a design that incorporates geothermal. We are requesting a firm price for the complete geothermal project — and also the cost without doing it.

Kolb Mechnical is a premier heating and air conditioning company in eastern Long Island, and they have considerable (and successful) experience in geothermal. I am sure they will provide us with a list of other projects they have done and answer any questions we may have. Kolb has worked collaboratively with Burger on many projects.

I mention geothermal now because (only) recently Burger suggested it. And we are looking into it.

We are moving along with the whole project, as we should be.

Irene Stewart, Building Team Chair

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