Notes from the Building Team – September 2018

Signed, Sealed and Hand-Delivered…

all the documents/drawings requested by the Town Planning Department were re-filed

at Planning, on Monday, Aug. 24, 2018.  (Planning Department Application was originally submitted in November 2017.)

Our architect, Peter Marren, and builder, Eugene Burger, are working together on the updated, comprehensive cost estimates.  The Building Team (BT) and Board will review the new estimated costs when we get them (in a week or two).  Our architect and BT will work within the building budget and cost estimates to determine the final scope of the work of building the church.  There will be a series of meetings and discussions:  our architect, builder, BT, and various sub-contractors/vendors will meet to resolve these issues.  All of it will be reviewed by the church Board.

We will keep you posted when our Variance Meeting is (to be) scheduled, this fall.  We need a variance to place the new church the same distance from the curb/street as the old church (…and a few other things).  We expect to be approved.  But we have to go through the Variance Meeting process, first.

Our building design was presented (and favorably received) at the Southold Historic Preservation Commission.

We are moving forward…!

Irene Stewart

Building Team Chair

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