Notes from the Building Team – October 2018

On Monday, Sept. 10th, the Town of Southold Planning Board approved our plans.  We submitted all the Planning Board permit drawings (Site Plan, Grading & Drainage Plan, Landscaping Plan, and Lighting Plan), as well as the preparation of application forms, and the Long Form Environmental Assessment.  All of this was requested/required by the Town of Southold Planning Board.  It took an enormous amount of time and work for our Site Planner and Architect.

Next Step:  the October 15th Planning Board Public Hearing

Meeting place: Town Hall Meeting Room/Court Room. Time: 4:00 pm

This is an Open Meeting.  Everyone may attend.  The ZBA (Zoning Board of Appeals) Variance Meeting will be scheduled after a few more Planning Board work sessions take place.

Cost Estimates:  The Board and Building Team will receive the 2nd cost estimate from

our builder, Eugene Burger, very soon.  Approving the budget from Burger will allow the design team to prepare the Construction Documents.

Repeating myself… Waiting for Planning Board “approval” slowed everything down.

Now that we have it, other meetings (the Public Hearing /Oct 15th. and the ZBA, etc.)

should happen more quickly.  Hooray!

We will keep you posted.

Irene Stewart

Building Team Chair

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