Notes from the Building Team – November 2018

We have completed the following required applications/meetings of the Town of Southold Planning Department and Planning Board:

Stacy Paetzel (Landscape Architect/Site Planner) submitted Permit Drawings (Site Plan, Grading and Drainage Plan, Landscape Plan and Lighting Plan; and the Long Form Environmental Assessment application).  All were accepted.

Architect Peter Marren met with two Town Architectural Committee members.  They approved our design.

Peter Marren, Stacy Paetzel and six of us from the congregation attended the Town

Planning Board Open Meeting (on Oct. 15th) at Town Hall.  (No one from the town objected to us rebuilding the church.)  All went well.

After several more Planning Board Work Sessions, there will be a ZBA (Zoning Board of Appeals) Variance Meeting.  No date has been set. We will keep you posted.

Peter Marren and the Building Team (and Board) expect to meet with Builder Eugene Burger to review cost estimates.  Cross your fingers this will happen soon!

Irene Stewart

Building Team Chair

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