Notes from the Building Team – May 2018

We (Architect and Building Team) have moved forward, while awaiting the “go ahead” from the Planning Department of the Town of Southold.*

Drawings and 3-D architectural models and other information have been shared with the Board and the membership (at Board meetings and at the informational membership meeting on Feb. 28, 2018).

On behalf of the church, we have:

Made representations of our basic building design to the Town Historic Preservation Commission, and Town Building, Planning, and Zoning Departments;

Worked with an artist to render the design in two water color images;

Coordinated with the project consultants including Landscape Architect/Site Planner, Structural and Civil Engineer, and LEED Consultant;

Worked closely with the Construction Manager;

Provided images of the design to post on the church website, and to use in connection with fund-raising.

We are continuing to work together to resolve remaining architectural design details.

* We submitted our site plan and survey to the Town of Southold on Nov. 6, 2017 and resubmitted it mid-March 2018 because we had not heard from them.  (If you have any friends at the Building, Zoning or Planning Boards of Southold Town, please speak to them on our behalf!)

Irene Stewart, Building Team Chair

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