March 2019

We see light at the end of the tunnel… !

The Board and Building Team have agreed that the new design changes will adequately fulfill the needs of our congregation, within our building budget.

In the new design, the parish hall, kitchen, classrooms, restrooms, and storage space are located on a lower level beneath the sanctuary.  We will reach the lower level from a well-lit staircase and/or by elevator.  Tall windows and a door (from the parish hall) will lead to a below-ground meeting and eating courtyard.  The sanctuary and cloister remain as originally designed.

On the ground / street level, a green-house type back entrance will welcome people to the church and administrative space – church office, meeting room and restrooms. There will be sufficient space in the entry area to serve coffee after church and for other small gatherings.

The next step:  After some technical discussions/decisions between architect Peter Marren and builder Eugene Burger, and a revised cost info/estimate from Burger, the detailed drawings & specs (Construction Documents) will be used by Burger to BID the proposed new plans to all the sub-contractors and then they will be able to put together a firm construction price.

I will keep you posted.

Irene Stewart

Building Team Chair

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