Notes from the Building Team – June 2018

The Building Team has a long report in the Annual Meeting Report (May 20, 2018) explaining our “timeline” – the progress we’ve made, and where we stand now.

As I write this, we are (still) waiting for the Town Planning Board to review our “site plan.”  (First application to the Planning Board, June 2017 / second, Oct. 2017 / third, Nov. 2017)  We “re-filed” in March 2018, and again in May 2018.  Re-printing and re-filing the Application and Site Plan is costly, time-consuming and annoying.

We continue to stay in contact.  Our liaison, attorney Bill Moore, and our architect, Peter Marren, speak (email, phone, visit) with the Planning Dept. each week.  There has been no movement – that we know of – on the part of the Planning Dept.!  (Other than they misplaced our application a few times.)

While we are waiting for Town review, our LEED consultant, Neal Rosen, has met with a representative from Kolb Mechanical (HVAC contractors).  They are considering upfront costs, operating costs, and environmental costs for our heating/cooling systems.

Our contractor/builder, Eugene Burger, is preparing the second cost analysis, as best he can without Site Plan review and approval from the Planning Dept./Board.

We are pleased that the Fund-Raising Committee has started a GoFundMe campaign.  If you have not seen it…check it out!

We are building a church for the next 200 plus…years. Think Positive!

Irene Stewart, Building Team Chair

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