Notes from the Building Team – July 2018

Just to mention a few things that are (currently) happening…

After a 7-month delay, the Town of Southold Planning Board has issued a list of additional requirements they need before we can meet with the Planning Board members.

A 4-page report of technical information/site plan drawings will include:  (outside) lighting design, landscape/topography design, a storm water plan, and a parking plan.  These items are usually not required at this stage of the building process, but are needed now (according to the Town) because we are in a Historic District and they get to see, up-front, “everything” we plan to do!

While waiting for the Town Planning Board Review:

  • Kolb Contracting is drawing up plans / costs for the HVAC system.
  • Condon Engineering is working on options for structural framing for the building.
  • Rosen (LEED) is working on environmental/energy/benefits/costs.
  • Building Team is looking at driveway and parking lot surface materials, plants, etc., and contacting Continental Custom Windows to give us some baseline estimates for our windows. The windows will be “customized” depending on their location (sunlight-resistant on the south-facing sides and triple-glazed on the north-facing sides) to mitigate energy costs.

Much is happening!  We will keep you posted.

Irene Stewart

Building Team Chair

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