January 2019

We acknowledge (and even celebrate) that each time we have had the opportunity to meet with a Town Agency (including Historic Preservation, Architectural Review, Planning Board) everyone has been extremely supportive of the design, and encouraging of the project.

Construction Costs:

After Eugene Burger has received the sub-contractor actual bids (with the already reduced items/size of the project), Peter Marren estimates that Burger will be able to build our church within our budget of $2.2M.  Our fundraising goal is in the $2.5M-$2.6M range, but working with what we have, we are doing our best to fulfill the needs and wishes of our congregation, for today and for the future (200 years….or so!).

The Building Team has met with our architect Peter Marren many, many times, and with builder Eugene Burger several times, and we believe that, together, we are creating the best, most beautiful and inspiring facility possible.  We are looking forward to groundbreaking this spring and appreciate your continued faith in and support of the process.

Our grateful thanks to all our members and friends who have donated to our building fund.  We are thankful for all donations in any amount.

Irene Stewart

Building Team Chair

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