February 2019

Recently, our architect Peter Marren and builder Eugene Burger met to consider alternative options, including usable space under the Sanctuary, due to budget concerns.

The new design recommendations will include:  building a beautiful Sanctuary building (unchanged from the earlier proposal); and an entry pavilion that will function as a gathering space/reception area, connecting administrative rooms (offices) on the main/street level and the Sanctuary.

The level below the Sanctuary is an opportunity to have a larger parish hall and kitchen and additional classrooms, with natural light, high ceilings, large windows, etc.  Opening an exterior wall on the lower level to create a lower outside courtyard is also being discussed.

The lower level will be reached by a wide, sun-lit stairway PLUS a convenient elevator.

The Building Team and Board see this option as a “win-win,” cost-effective way to get us the space we want and serve the future needs of the Congregation.

Irene Stewart

Building Team Chair

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