August, 2018


Greetings from your new minister!


First, I wish to thank those of you who prepared that very thoughtful welcome basket with all the low-carb and caffeinated goodies. Gazing at a sunflower is a wonderful way to start the day.


I am very eager to start our ministry year together. I have started preparing some programing around the topic of spiritual practice and how we develop habits that nourish us and keep us steady in times of joy and in times of heartache; look for more information about that and upcoming “Theology on Tap” programming very soon!


This August in worship, in addition to the very interesting guest speakers we already programmed, I wish to explore our assumptions on both history and spiritual identity. What parts of ourselves are rooted to the past, and what parts of us are capable of soaring? What do we learn when we reflect on the contrasting impulses of preservation and innovation? In my second service, we’ll examine the competing claims of the realms of spirituality and religion.


Most importantly I wish to spend a lot of time this month listening, so please feel free to set up an appointment on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoon between 10-2 (or outside those days and times)  by emailing me at or by calling me at the office. I will also likely be gathering with you all in groups or singly to discuss your thoughts about congregational life.