May 2020

Town of Southold Building Dept.:  All construction is temporarily on hold due to COVID-19.  We have not been told when building will begin again.

Here are a few of the small, and not-so-small, important things Peter Marren is conferring on:

Stacy Paetzel is working directly with Town Planning Dept. on light lumen levels, small plantings, etc.

John Condon is working directly with Suffolk County Health Dept. (commercial oven fan / church kitchen), NYS Dept. of Transportation (DOT) dealing with application and approval process (DOT exit from our parking light, right turn only, etc.).

Other things:

Marvin Wndows:  Using historically accurate windows from the Signature series for all gothic tracery windows in the Sanctuary, and the Integrity mid-range series for Parish Hall/ Admin. Building.  (We are using a large, respected national corporation for windows because of everything that is going on.)

Geothermal:  Recommendation that we do not use geothermal in the Sanctuary due to relatively limited use.  For Parish Hall/Admin. Building we will receive quotes on both traditional HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) system ad geothermal.  Even for the base (non-geo) design, an energy efficient, environmentally responsible system will include advanced modulating boiler, hydronic air handlers, heat pumps, etc.

Things are moving more slowly because no one is meeting in person with anybody elseā€¦ but things are (still) moving ahead!

I will keep you posted.

Irene Stewart, Chair