Gardening by the Sea – October 2016

Auf wiedersehen Summer  — Bienvenido  Autumn !!!

If you are anything like me, you are thinking about bringing that beautiful geranium indoors before it freezes.  When the night time temperatures get down to 50, it is time to bring it in and sit it in the brightest place in your house.  Even the brightest window might not be enough to keep it from dropping leaves.  Before you bring it in, wash the pot off with a mixture of bleach and water – use an old spray bottle.  The ratio of bleach to water is about one part bleach to 3 parts water.  Do not fertilize until March or April.

I also have a poinsettia that I kept outside in the shade over the summer.  It is now in the sun and when the leaves start to turn red/pink, I will bring it in.  Another plant I bring in is a red Mandevilla.  By spring it looks sickly, but after it has been pruned and fertilized (Osmacoat) I put it outside in late April and it blooms profusely all summer.

Begonia is another plant that can be brought indoors for the winter.  The same process applies.

My hummingbirds have migrated south. Their favorite source of nectar this summer was my zinnias.  I hope they make it to their winter home.  The birds at my feeder were greatly reduced after Tropical Storm Hermine grazed us.   I still see some monarch butterflies visiting the asters and phlox.

Enjoy the cooler weather and turning of leaves.  We are so blessed to live on Eastern Long Island.


Until next month,



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