Gardening by the Sea – November 2016

I hope you are enjoying the fall colors.  Soon the trees will be bare!

Yesterday I picked my last long-stemmed rose of this summer season.  It is a pink Queen Elizabeth climbing bush.  I still have Cape Cod roses blooming and some Fairy roses, but they are not very good for cutting.

I have noticed my flowers growing very tall this season – zinnias four feet tall – unheard of!!  I have a theory and it is the carbon being emitted by the passenger jets that fly over my yard on their approach to JFK and LGA from Europe.  My son Chris tells me it must be nitrogen.  But I don’t add nitrogen to any blooming plant because nitrogen causes extra green growth, and I want flowers, and flowers need phosphate.  I am wondering if anyone else is noticing this.

My potted plants are all in the house for the winter.  One of my Christmas cacti is full of buds – will probably bloom for Thanksgiving.  The transitioning potted plants are already dropping leaves!

Wait until spring to cut back flowering plants that have formed seed pods.  The birds will feast on their seed heads all winter.

Don’t apply mulch until the ground freezes.

Stay warm and stay well.



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