April 2018

Welcome to spring.  March came in like a lion and he is still roaring.  After four storms, we will be very happy to say hello to April and hope for better days.

I have a patch of heather by my front door and it has been blooming since February, even under the snow.  The daffodils are trying very hard, poking their buds above the snow.

It is now safe to put pansies outdoors.  They are hardy to light frosts.  Wait until nighttime temperatures are around 50 degrees to put houseplants outside.  If the temp decides to dip you can always cover them with an old sheet.

Pick some forsythia to bring indoors.  The buds will open rapidly now that the sun is much warmer and they have started to show their color.  Wait until spring bushes finish blooming to have them pruned.  Most of the old fashioned hydrangeas bloom on last year’s wood.  Only trim last year’s dead blooms now.  The green buds are this coming season’s flowers and leaves.

If your lilacs need pruning, remove every third cane.  This holds for other deciduous bushes that need to be thinned out.

Enjoy the coming spring flowers.  We have waited a long time to see them.

Stay well.