Bring Water on September 11

At our Ingathering service, we will partake of a popular Unitarian Universalist ritual known as the Water Communion. Please bring a small bottle/vial of water from some of your summer experiences, whether you traveled near, far, or not at all. And please note – if you forgot to collect water from your travels, you can … Continued

Building Team Notes 3-16-2016

Notes for meeting March 16, 2016 Suzette Reiss, Peter Young, Mark Sisson, Laurie Ullman, Irene Stewart, Sherry Smith, Dan Durett, Donya Vanburen, Bill Funke Excused: Kimberley Debus, Aiyoung Choi In Kimberly’s absence, Dan opened the meeting with words of appreciation about the Building Team’s commitment to the current and future congregations of the 1st Universalist Church of Southold. … Continued

Building Team Notes 3-2-2016

Peter Young (chair), Mark Sisson, Laurie Ullman, Irene Stewart, Sherry Smith, Kimberely Debus, Suzette Reiss, Donya VanBuren, Bill Funke- Aiyoung Choi attended by phone Absent: Dan Durett   Kimberly read the opening words, “The Gates of Hope,” a poem by Victoria Safford. We did not read and/or accept the minutes from the meeting of February … Continued

Building Team Notes 2-16-2016

    Donya VanBuren (Chair), Bill Funke, Suzette Reiss, Laurie Ullman, Peter Young, Mark Sisson, Sherry Smith, Irene Stewart. Not in attendance: Aiyoung Choi, Kimberley Debus, Dan Durett   Donya called the meeting to order at 7:10. Bill read a few passages related to the phoenix and its rising from the ashes. The notes from the … Continued

Building Team Notes 2-10-16

-1- Notes- Building Team Meeting February 10, 2016 Attending: Suzette Reiss, Kimberly Debus, Laurie Ullman, Peter Young, Bill Funke, Sherry Smith, Aiyoung Choi, Irene Stewart, Mark Sisson, Donya VanBuren, Dan Durett (During the course of the meeting, Dan excused himself.)   Kimberly read a passage from Blessing the Imperfect, Meditations for Congregational Leaders by Kathleen … Continued

Project Bus Stop Succeeds!

SUCCESS! After several years of hard work, lobbying, and raising awareness, the youth of Project Bus Stop are seeing success – the first two shelters have been built on the North Fork, in Mattituck. There are more on the way – two at Calverton National Cemetery, two at King Kullen in Cutchogue and another on … Continued

The Passing of Barbara Adams

We are heartbroken to announce that longtime member Barbara Adams has passed away in Nepal at age 84. A memorial service will be held in the next few weeks – this post will be updated as we get more information. Meanwhile, it is an honor to share this excerpt from the obituary by Matt Schudel that ran in … Continued

Sidney Abbott – A Loving Tribute

Parker Richards at the New York Observer wrote a beautiful tribute to Member Sidney Abbott, who passed away last year. Please click here to read this wonderful article, which quotes, among others, former First Universalist minister Reverend Addae Krabba.  

Scholarship Fund

It has long been a tradition in our church to give scholarships to graduating seniors who have been involved in our RE programs. In recent years, the RE Committee has done fundraisers to raise the money for these scholarships.  This year, however, without a building in which to hold events and with everyone’s resources stretched … Continued