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January 2019

We acknowledge (and even celebrate) that each time we have had the opportunity to meet with a Town Agency (including Historic Preservation, Architectural Review, Planning Board) everyone has been extremely supportive of the design, and encouraging of the project.

Construction Costs:

After Eugene Burger has received the sub-contractor actual … read more.

December 2018

Cost of Rebuilding the Church / 2nd (Hard Cost) Estimates  

Eugene and Ann Burger (Contractor/Builder) suggested that, with some modest changes and careful detailing, and through a competitive bidding process (after the Construction Drawings are completed), they could buy “our current project” (without major re-design) for $2.5-$2.6M.  That cost includes … read more.

Notes from the Building Team – November 2018

We have completed the following required applications/meetings of the Town of Southold Planning Department and Planning Board:

Stacy Paetzel (Landscape Architect/Site Planner) submitted Permit Drawings (Site Plan, Grading and Drainage Plan, Landscape Plan and Lighting Plan; and the Long Form Environmental Assessment application).  All were accepted.

Architect Peter Marren met … read more.

Notes from the Building Team – October 2018

On Monday, Sept. 10th, the Town of Southold Planning Board approved our plans.  We submitted all the Planning Board permit drawings (Site Plan, Grading & Drainage Plan, Landscaping Plan, and Lighting Plan), as well as the preparation of application forms, and the Long Form Environmental Assessment.  All of this was … read more.

Notes from the Building Team – September 2018

Signed, Sealed and Hand-Delivered…

all the documents/drawings requested by the Town Planning Department were re-filed

at Planning, on Monday, Aug. 24, 2018.  (Planning Department Application was originally submitted in November 2017.)

Our architect, Peter Marren, and builder, Eugene Burger, are working together on the updated, comprehensive cost estimates.  The Building Team (BT) … read more.

Notes from the Building Team – August 2018

We are…

Awaiting Planning Board final approval.

Working with Burger Construction on updated cost estimates (not the final costs).

Resolving final matters before moving ahead with final Construction Documents to build our new church.

Irene Stewart, Building Team Chair

Notes from the Building Team – July 2018

Just to mention a few things that are (currently) happening…

After a 7-month delay, the Town of Southold Planning Board has issued a list of additional requirements they need before we can meet with the Planning Board members.

A 4-page report of technical information/site plan drawings will include:  (outside) lighting design, … read more.

Notes from the Building Team – June 2018

The Building Team has a long report in the Annual Meeting Report (May 20, 2018) explaining our “timeline” – the progress we’ve made, and where we stand now.

As I write this, we are (still) waiting for the Town Planning Board to review our “site plan.”  (First … read more.

Our GoFundMe Campaign is live!

Our Fund-Raising Committee has done a wonderful job establishing a crowd-sourced campaign to raise funds to help us realize our dreams for the rebuilding of the First Universalist Church of Southold. Click on the link below, and consider making a donation to this most worthy … read more.

Notes from the Building Team – May 2018

We (Architect and Building Team) have moved forward, while awaiting the “go ahead” from the Planning Department of the Town of Southold.*

Drawings and 3-D architectural models and other information have been shared with the Board and the membership (at Board meetings and at the informational membership … read more.