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February 2020

Now… the Construction Documents are in the final stages of completion.

Next… our Contractor, Eugene Burger, will send the CDs to the sub-contractors for costs.  The Board will decide our top priorities – what we want, what we need, and what we can afford to build. 

Meanwhile… the Fundraising Committee has … read more.

January 2020

We are moving along…

Technical information:  architect, engineers and builder are focusing on integrating the building “systems” now – mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural, etc. – to incorporate into the CDs (construction documents).  Meetings with key people.

We will keep you updated.

Irene Stewart, Chair     

November 2019

The Board did not hire a Construction Manager, so our architect Peter Marren has taken on much of the work of connecting the necessary people: Condon (Civil/Structural), Burger (Builder), Kolb (Mechanical), Paetzel (Landscape Designer), etc.

Geothermal was a suggestion from our builder, Eugene Burger. … read more.

October 2019


After receiving a generous donation, the Board made the decision to return to the original 2017 building design…placing the parish hall, kitchen, administrative offices, restrooms, etc., on the street/ground level (with mechanicals and storage in the basement). We will add a small lift for … read more.

September 2019

We are finalizing the design for our new church. As we move forward, we carry with us the happy memories from past years. I know many of you have a wonderful, or funny, or heartwarming story you can tell. Please do!

I am … read more.

August 2019

This summer our architect, Peter Marren, is making decisions on the final drawings and meeting with vendors and consultants.  We expect to begin building this fall.

And while we are looking ahead to all the good things we will enjoy doing in our new church building, … read more.

July 2019

Over the summer, we are moving forward… with finalizing the design revisions, discussing those with the Town of Southold, and preparing the Construction Documents. 

All aspects of the new design will be handled with great respect and sensitivity to the history of our 180-year-old church while … read more.

June 2019


In early June, look for a big “thermometer” sign on our church lawn (thanks to the creative endeavors of our Board of Trustees).

Our architect, Peter Marren, will begin the technical phase (construction documents) very soon. Meetings with our builder, Eugene Burger, sub-contractors and consultants … read more.

May 2019

The most recent progress report (of the design, on-going work, bids/cost and construction) is explained in my Annual Meeting report (May 19, 2019).  Please READ IT!

DONATIONS:  Make note…that we welcome donations (in any amount/as often as you like) for the entire project and for specific things (like … read more.

April 2019

On display at the Appreciation Dinner last Friday night, we showed 6 prints of the model of our new church building.  We discussed how it will all fit together.  [To review:  the Parish Hall, kitchen, classrooms, restrooms and storage area are located under the Sanctuary.  … read more.