Building Team Notes March 30, 2017

Irene Stewart, Peter Young, Beth Peterson, Sherry Smith, Mark Sisson

Guest; Kimberley Debus

Meeting called to order 7:02

Pastor Kimberley Debus had been invited to the Building Team meeting to discuss her conversation with Peter Marren, our architect. They had discussed what a minister’s “dream church” would be. Items she mentioned included:

-A space that is welcoming to visitors and congregants alike.

-A space that is well lit, both by natural light and electric fixtures.

-A space that accommodates a wide variety of activities.

-A decided chancel, i.e., a space that has the podium and the “altar.” This does not mean, however, that there wouldn’t be the opportunity to conduct services “in the round” or in other configurations.

-A space that adheres to the American’s with Disabilities Act, but also single parents, gender neutral guests and members, teens, people of color and any one in our community.

-Signage should be throughout the buildings to indicate offices, restrooms, kitchens and other community spaces.

-There should be art on the walls.

-She hoped we would avoid only white walls and add warmth with color.

-Office space for the minister should be separate from the office manager and should;

-Include couches, comfortable chairs and, if possible, a small bathroom.

-Include a large working desk, good wi-fi and be lined with bookcases.

-If possible, the office should be near the kitchen.

-Office space for the office manager could be shared with the Director of Religious Education and the Music Committee Chair, with separate storage, if possible, for each.

-Storage should be adequate, separate and lockable for all programs invited to use the space, i.e., Weight Watchers or Maureen’s Haven, as well as for the 1st Universalist Church of Southold’s needs.

-Ease of access from the parsonage.

-If possible, a garage/carport.

-She suggested the BT think beyond “Sunday mornings” for our church and fellowship hall.

-“What you see in the room when you first enter sets the tone for a person’s experience.”

The BT thanked Kimberley for her time and effort, and she excused herself.


The minutes for the meeting of 3/23 were accepted.

Peter Young said he had spoken with his son-in-law-to-be who is on the Landmark Preservation Committee and indicated that there may be more restrictions of the exterior elevations of the church building than the BT originally thought. It was decided that Peter Marren would be responsible for investigating what can and cannot be included in our final design.

The BT decided to ask Susan Pond and John Forestieri to attend a meeting to discuss the installation of an organ (not a pipe organ.) They would be asked to provide approximate costs for installation, maintenance and size of the instrument. Mark will send them an email to ask them to attend.

It was suggested we have an installer of solar panels visit the BT. While there are grants available, the BT is unsure if a “non-profit” entity would qualify. However, it is worth investigating.

Irene reiterated the BT’s charge to find suitable items for fund raising efforts, including prices.

Brainstorming at our meeting, the BT felt benches, partial funding of windows indicated with plaques and purchased bricks for a walkway were a good start. (The Fundraising Committee of the Board of Trustees has noted they would like the fund raising items to be as specific as possible.) We should investigate other options for our next meeting.

Our next meeting is April 6 at 7:00.

Meeting adjourned at 8:55

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