Building Team Notes, June 11, 2017

Building Team Notes, June 11, 2017

Irene Stewart, Beth Peterson, Sherry Smith, Suzette Reiss, Peter Young, Mark Sisson, Peter Marren.


Meeting called to order 7:08.

Minutes of 6/1/17 accepted. No notes for May 25.

Peter Marren updated the Building Team on several issues:

-He, and his team, have submitted a site plan to the Planning Commission.

-He will be meeting with Anne and Eugene Burger, of Burger Construction, Inc. during the week of 6/12/17 to enter discussions re: contracts, etc.

-He has had contact with a representative of Luke Hughes Benches, who will forward a more complete price list during the week of 6/12/17 for the BT’s perusal.

Mr. Marren and the Building Team discussed updated plans, models and sketches for our building and grounds.

Mr. Marren stressed that, although it does help in establishing the Church’s desires, without informed input from Mr. Burger, and others, about costs, discussing specific details of our project cannot create solid recommendations (e.g., without knowing an approximate cost for lighting fixtures, the BT cannot make final decisions about choices, placement, etc.) These cost estimates should be assessed by Mr. Burger in the next phase of our project, and should occur shortly.

Mr. Marren noted that the plan he submitted to Southold Town is now a matter of public record, so that plan could be discussed with the congregation. Members of the BT noted that if this plan is the topic of discussion, it is the BT’s final decision and comments from the congregation are to be considered suggestions only.

Our next meeting will be held on a date TBD. Meeting adjourned at 9:15.

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