Building Team Notes 9/14/2017

Irene Stewart, Peter Young, Beth Young, Suzette Reiss, Sherry Smith,

Mark Sisson, Peter Marren

Meeting called to order at 7:10.

Minutes from the last meeting were accepted.

Peter Marren will be away September 22 through 30. Mark Sisson will be away September 17 through 22; meetings scheduled for those times will be cancelled.

Irene brought up the possible donation of Vaughn Ramsey’s personal organ. A representative of Foley-Baker, Inc. (pipe organ installers and maintainers) would examine the instrument and give an estimate for installation. Irene read the letter she had composed to the Board of Trustees noting the Building Team had discussed thoroughly the possibility of a pipe organ for our project and had decided it was too expensive to merit further consideration, regardless of its origin.

Peter Marren brought a larger scaled model of his plan. The Building Team spent quite a bit of time getting familiar with its scope and layout. Included in this discussion:

-The staircase to the basement under the parish hall, which was moved by Mr. Marren at the BT’s suggestion. The new placement (more in the center of the church’s “entry room”) was satisfactory to all.

-In the “cloister” running along the exterior of one sanctuary wall, there was a discussion of the ceiling of the cloister, how windows between the sanctuary and cloister would function, etc.

-There was a discussion of the roof design of the sanctuary.

Mr. Marren noted that when he returned from Europe, he would be meeting with members of the Southold Town agencies involved in approving our plans, and that he would update us at his earliest convenience.

Irene will inform the Team as to when our next meeting would be held.

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