Building Team Meeting September 11, 2017

Irene Stewart, Peter Young, Suzette Reiss, Sherry Smith, Mark Sisson, Peter Marren,

Beth Peterson

No minutes for the previous meeting.

Peter Marren described his latest meeting with Southold Town officials. He has received a “letter of disapproval,” an expected occurrence. He will now address the appeals required with the Zoning Board of Appeals. He foresees no difficulty with these, especially as he is working closely with Eugene Burger and Stacey Paetzel, both of whom are well known to the town officials. Mssrs. Marren and Burger, and Ms. Paetzel, will be attending a work session in the near future. Mr. Marren stated that approval of our site plan would address several of the disapprovals noted in the letter. He also noted that any changes in the site plan may influence the architecture, and that our project will require review from the Landmark Commission.

Mr. Marren reported that Bill Moore, the church’s attorney, has formulated a contract with Burger Construction, and will be a “firm price” contract. This way, the Church will be aware of all costs and there should be no surprises. However, he cautioned the Church should hold 10% of the cost of construction aside as a contingency fund.

Mr. Marren expressed the opinion that we are at a “Catch-22” point with our plan; e.g., we are not at the point of choosing light fixtures, but the site plan approval may require them to be noted, and if we decide to use different ones, might that trigger a disapproval from the Town? However, Mr. Marren feels confident that his “team” will be able to meet this challenge satisfactorily, noting that the Town in enthusiastic in its regard for our project.

The Building Team and Mr. Marren discussed a second model of the church, as well as a third, larger scaled version, Mr. Marren constructed, incorporating some of the ideas we had discussed at a previous meeting (simplifying the roof of the parish hall, installation of solar panels, potential placement of a steeple, placement of a basement, etc.) Mr. Marren will complete the third model for a future meeting, and the Team will continue to address design issues as they arise.

The Team agreed that Mark will address the audience at the fundraising event 10/7/2017, which is scheduled for 5:00PM. The Team also agreed that Mark could speak with reporters once we have an artist’s rendition of our project to refer to, remembering to note that it will still be a conception rather than a final version. However, Mark asked that if any other BT members were interested, reporters could interview the entire Team as well.

Meeting adjourned 9:35

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