August 2019

This summer our architect, Peter Marren, is making decisions on the final drawings and meeting with vendors and consultants.  We expect to begin building this fall.

And while we are looking ahead to all the good things we will enjoy doing in our new church building, let’s do a bit of reminiscing about past experiences and friends.  I will start with this poem by Mary James…

We Will Never Leave
the sanctuary we lost
in the flames, the one
with the windows, that rose up

to heaven, we will
carry it with us always,
deep down inside us,

guiding us on this poorly
lit path, where many
stumble, and many more wont's

see the light within

Your words need not be in verse.  Just tell a fun(ny) story or a fond memory of the old church.  I will print what is sent to me!  (  Thank you.

Be a Sponsor

If you wish to donate to something specific or the building project in general
Online: GoFundMe or
Mail your donation to: First Universalist Church, PO Box 221, Southold, NY 11971. (631-765-3494)

Thank you.
Irene Stewart
Building Team Chair

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